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One attribute of a motorhome or caravan that should always be at the forefront of an owners mind is tyres. A typical leisure vehicle travels three thousand miles per year compared to twelve thousand for a private car, and this has significant implications for tyre safety.
We are not advocating paranoia but diligence.
In general tyres should be inspected regularly for wear and damage, but this becomes even more imperative for low mileage vehicles, such as motorhomes or caravans. A tyre, even if its tread depth is legal, can be unsafe. The effect of time, UV light and extended periods of inactivity cause the tyre to age prematurely, that is, become brittle.
To combat the aging effect of UV light, tyre manufacturers add carbon black, which absorbs UV rays.

While using a tyre regularly actually reduces the aging process, as driving causes the tyre to flex, generating heat, which in turn, distributes the tyres protective wax compounds to its outer surface.
A tyre that is not used frequently will experience premature breakdown at its surface which is accelerated with constant exposure to UV rays. An aged and therefore unsafe tyre becomes brittle and cracks, which is a sign that its carbon black content is depleted.
A tyre used under normal circumstances will be replaced before the effects of UV light become apparent. It is low mileage vehicles that are susceptible to becoming unsafe even if their tread depth remains legal. This is why it is extremely important, after a period of storage, such as during winter, that tyres are thoroughly inspected before use.
It is not possible to accurately predict the service life of a tyre, although due to safety, many tyre manufacturers recommend that all tyres including the spare are changed after a certain number of years even if the tread has not reached its legal limit. This advice varies from manufacturer to manufacturer so please refer to their guidelines or consult with your local accredited tyre retailer.
To prevent UV damage, where possible, leisure vehicles such as motorhomes and caravans which are stored or stationary for any length of time should have their tyres covered. In addition, it is good practice to reduce the static load on the tyre by jacking the vehicle up or removing its wheels and storing them horizontally. If you are uncertain about your tyres condition or how best to store them for extended periods then please consult a qualified tyre specialist.
By covering tyres with a cover capable of blocking UV rays you reduce the aging process and effectively extend their life. The TankBlanket System includes WheelJacket a stylish cover that fits over the wheel to shield them from weather and harmful ultra-violet (UV) rays.

Un-garaged vehicles, especially those that are driven infrequently and therefore do low mileage, are at higher risk of developing cracked sidewalls from being exposed to the sun. WheelJacket protects your tyres by blocking UV light and preserving the natural oils and compounds in the rubber which effectively extends the life of your tyre by slowing the rate of carbon black depletion.
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