Friday 25 April 2014

TankBlanket's Impact!

TankBlanket:  Winterisation that Works
TankBlanket’s Impact!

TankBlanket: The Campervan Motorhome & Caravan Tank Heater Pad


From TankBlanket’s assistance in ‘raising the bar’ to Nick’s statement that he was ‘happy to share a secret’ there is no denying that TankBlanket has made an impact and is growing in popularity since its UK launch in 2013.

Since its inauguration TankBlanket has evolved as a brand, received positive Press and developed a strong social media presence. So we thought it would be a good idea, to take stock, share some of the articles in one Blog and create a reference point to look back on as TankBlanket continues to expand. 

Over the last few months TankBlanket has had a presence in Caravan Industry & Park Operator, Practical Motorhome and the Motorcaravan Motorhome Monthly magazine. And during the past few weeks, TankBlanket has linked up with World of Motorhomes and Motorhome Facts.

In the ethereal world of social media, TankBlanket has developed a strong Twitter community with over six hundred followers which continues to grow daily with the most popular tweets being #tankblanketinterestingfacts.

So, please follow the links below, puruse and enter the ‘World of TankBlanket’:

Nick Harding was “Happy to share a secret” in his MMM ‘Ready for Winter’:

While, Stacie, in her Practical Motorhome Super Savers column stated “If your Motorhome needs some TLC” then here is a chance to win TankBlanket:

 And, in this article published in Caravan Industry & Park Operator, TankBlanket helps Auto-Sleepers “raise the bar”:


While on a different publication date, The Caravan Industry & Park Operator runs the headline - “Water tank protection blanket prevents freezing”:


And, in March TankBlanket link up with World of Motorhomes:


and selected Motorhome Facts as its preferred advertising platform:


The TankBlanket System: Winterisation that Works!

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