Wednesday 28 December 2016

TankBlanket and it's nearest rival!

Before we discuss TankBlanket's nearest rival we would like to re-iterate that TankBlanket is proven to work in America at -24 °C and has been cold chamber tested in the UK at -15°C with outstanding results. Please follow this link to see the results:

Further, the adhesive that attaches TankBlanket to the bottom of the tank becomes more aggressive with age and although it is designed for ten years service a number of units have been in operation for over twenty years!

Now, its nearest rival is the in-tank probe or ‘Frostat’. But a single Frostat can protect a fresh or waste water tank up to 45 Litres while TankBlanket protects up to 152 Litres. Comparing purchase cost, ‘Frostat’ is around 35% more expensive per litre protected than TankBlanket.
And if you include fitting cost TankBlanket becomes even more attractive!

In Tank Probe / Frostat

And remember, you have to drill the tank to fit Frostat not only once but three times for a 120 Litre tank! Yes, you have to fit three Frostats to one TankBlanket for a typical fresh water tank! And generally you have to fit two ‘Frostats’ to one TankBlanket on a waste water tank!
Three holes potentially mean three leaks! But one peel & stick TankBlanket is guaranteed not to cause leaks. It’s impossible.
TankBlanket can be easily retro-fitted even if a ‘Frostat’ is currently installed. We have a nationwide Dealer network or you can even install it yourself with our installation Kit and website support.

If you are thinking of selling your campervan or caravan now or in the future, then, why not gain a competitive edge, add a unique selling point and upgrade to TankBlanket; it could well hasten your sale and improve your exchange value! Or, just upgrade anyway and enjoy your vehicle all year round! The desire to use motorhomes and caravans throughout the year is a trend that is growing in popularity. Although a major inhibitor to this is the potential for the fresh and waste water system to freeze; The TankBlanket System overcomes this by providing a comprehensive winterisation solution that works.

TankBlanket has:
  • A low cost compared to its rivals.
  • Proven performance.
  • Proven endurance and robustness.
  • A quicker Installation time than its main rival with no risk of leakage.

TankBlanket v It's Rival?
It`s TankBlanket  Every time! 
TankBlanket ..... Winterisation that Works!

To find out more about The TankBlanket System please visit:

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