Friday 14 February 2014

iController : To use it, is to Love it!

TankBlanket:  Winterisation that Works

iController: You’ll grow to Love it!

TankBlanket: The Campervan Motorhome & Caravan Tank Heater Pad

TankBlanket may take the glory, but, iController adds the finesse when creating the ultimate winterised vehicle!  

The iController is an intelligent box of tricks for the TankBlanket system and automatically powers the system 'on' when Jack is about to strike and switches it ‘off’ when the threat of frost has retreated.

TankBlanket iController... The Campervan Heat pad

It can control single or multiple Tank and/or Pipe Blankets in various configurations. The most common being a TankBlanket on each of the fresh and waste water tanks regulated by iController with TankJacket fitted to protect external pipework. PipeBlanket is recommended for extreme conditions or when you are going to use your vehicle for prolonged periods during cold weather.

PipeBlanket .... The TankBlanket System ... Heater padTankBlanket .... The heater pad ... Winterisation that works!

Once iController has been installed, that is it, you can forget it. We only ask you occasionally visually check the installation for robustness and accidental damage.

With iController installed each Tank or PipeBlanket must still have its own 15A rated LED switch. This allows you to switch off a particular circuit if the tank or pipe is empty and therefore would not need protection during subzero conditions.

So, if there is a risk of frost, switch off any TankBlanket or PipeBlanket circuit where the tank or pipe will remain empty during the frost; iController will do the rest.

TankBlanket iController ... The heat pad .... Winterisation that works!

For those TankBlanket or PipeBlanket circuits that are switched on, the LED switch will not light up as there will be no live power feed; iController, when the temperature drops towards freezing, will switch power on automatically as required and the LED will then light up. You will then beware that iController has been activated and Jack is about!!

You can install iController yourself, it is a simple 12Vdc circuit which you can view and download from here:

Or, we have a nationwide Dealer network that can install iController for you. Please contact us for your nearest. 

For the more technical among you the iController uses an electronic sensor to monitor the external ambient temperature and once the air temperature drops to 1.7°C the sensor activates the power source to the controller which in turn feeds the selected Tank and Pipe Blanket circuits. When the external air temperature returns to 7.2 °C the iController automatically switches off.

Whereas PipeBlanket is switched on as soon as iController is activated, TankBlankets have their own thermostat and will not activate until the contents of the tank reach 7 °C, so in the majority of circumstances TankBlanket activation will lag PipeBlanket. Discussed in our Winterisation Tips blog and website, see links below, a larger mass of water takes longer to cool down and freeze.

The TankBlanket System .... Winterisation that works!

The iController gives you peace of mind that the entire system will be automatically powered "on/off" when it needs to be based upon ambient temperature. This is a bonus if you are away from your vehicle for extended lengths of time or just forget to switch the system on!

Because the TankBlanket System has a modular design iController can be added at anytime.

TankBlanket iController ... The heat pad .... Winterisation that works!
To Love it
You have to use it!
To use it
You have to buy It!

The TankBlanket System: Winterisation that Works!

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The TankBlanket System .... Winterisation that works!

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