Tuesday 13 October 2015

Introducing Horst Miracle Probes


An inaccurate level reading from either your fresh and waste water tank is annoying and frustrating for the Caravan and Motorhome enthusiast.
But, now, direct from the USA,  Premier Leisure Products in conjunction with TankBlanket can offer you Horst Miracle Probes.
This is the probe that gives you accurate tank fluid levels time and time again!

 The Horst Miracle Probe 

supplied in sets of four

Remains accurate - even with a 'sludge film'  build up!


it's easy to install!


It works with your existing electrical circuit and control panel!

All you have to do is simply insert Horst Miracle Probes next to your current probes and swap the electrical connections over!

Why do they work?!

  • They have a special Teflon coating that eliminates false electrical readings.
  • The 'Sludge film' that builds up in every tank does not stick to the Teflon.
  • Teflon is not conductive. So no false electrical circuits are established.
  • Traditional probes do not work after a while due to an electrical circuit being made between the 'sludge film' on the inside of the tank and all of the probes. As a result, a false reading is transmitted to your control panel.

The Miracle Probe Set up

Horst Miracle Probes

  • The three probes on the left in the above photograph are positioned to sense the water levels at 25% 50% and 75%. They are designated as +ve in the electrical circuit.
  • The single probe on the bottom right is designated as the -ve.
  • When powered, electrical current flows between the metal tips of the probes connected to the +ve and -ve sides of the leisure battery.
  • Because of the iron content of water as the probes are submerged an electrical circuit is made and the relevant indicator on the control panel is energised.


  • You can simply install Horst Miracle Probes yourself. Although if you do not feel confident then....
  • Any Motorhome or Caravan Dealer with an approved workshop can install Horst Miracle Probes.
  • The simplest way to install Horst Miracle Probes is to mount them next to your existing probes and simply switch the electrical connections over.
  • The Horst miracle Probe needs a 9.5mm [3/8"] hole. You then insert the probe and tighten the first nut to make a firm leak proof seal. 
  • Connect the electrial wires in the same sequence as your current installation using the second nut provided with each Miracle probe to secure the electrial connection.

supplied in sets of four

YouTube video uploaded by RVProbes.

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