Friday 25 August 2017

TankBlanket Keeps You Flowing!

 TankBlanket Keeps you Flowing

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TankBlanket: The Campervan, Motorhome & Caravan Tank Heater Pad

If you are new to TankBlanket then please read on - this Blog will inform and guide you through the World of TankBlanket.

Each year more and more Motorhomers are using their vehicles throughout the year and as a consequence the need to protect the fresh and waste water systems from freezing is paramount.

So, enter the TankBlanket!......... which fulfils this requirement and can be  purchased individually or in Kit form, which supplies you with everything required to install TankBlanket successfully.... excluding the tools of course! 

The contents of a TankBlanket Kit can be viewed by following the link below.

And, installation is simple too :-

 You can read about the impact TankBlanket has made here:

We know you may want, will want, to understand what TankBlanket is before making that purchase, so here are the facts, plain and simple:

And, to see how TankBlanket performed under test read on :

Also, you may be interested in the insights gained by a leading manufacturer during cold chamber testing...

And, against the competition... it was a Turkey Shoot..........

Finally, if you are still with us, then Grade 3, which is the sticker you see displayed on Motorhomes and Caravans certifying it has been winter tested, is explained :


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