Friday 7 June 2019

The TankBlanket Kit

The Campervan Motorhome & Caravan Tank Heater Pad

If you are a Dealer fitting TankBlanket as an aftermarket upgrade or a confident DIY enthusiast that wants to retro-fit TankBlanket, then, the TankBlanket Kit is the most simplest, efficient and cost effective method. 

The TankBlanket Kit is available in five formats:

  1. The 121 Kit
  2. The   90 Kit
  3. The 152 Kit
  4. The Fitting Kit (which excludes a Tank Blanket)
  5. The ‘Big Pack’

and contains everything you need to install TankBlanket excluding tools. 

TankBlanket installation ..... Winterisation that works!

A TankBlanket kit comprises:

a.    A TankBlanket

b.    A 15A fuse and self stripping fuse holder

c.     6 off Male crimp receptacles

d.     6 off Female shrouded receptacles

e.  1 off piggy back connector

f.      12 off fixing clips

g.     10 off cable clips

h.    Solvent cleaning pads

i.      Silicon sealer

j.      Rubber protection strip

k.     Flexible cable conduit

l.      Two core electric cable

m.   2 off ring terminals

n.    A 10A rated switch

Note: The Fitting Kit contains all of the above except a TankBlanket

TankBlanket Installation ..... Winterisation that works!

Before attempting to install TankBlanket please study and digest our Fitting instructions and the TankBlanket 12V electrical circuit

TankBlanket ..... Winterisation that works!

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