Friday 4 October 2013

Introduction to TankBlanket and Grade 3: Motorhome & Caravan Winterisation

TankBlanket: Winterisation that Works

 TankBlanket: The Water Tank Heater

Welcome to the first blog entry from TankBlanket, the water tank heater winterisation system for leisure and utility vehicles that has genuine providence to prove it works!

TankBlanket was developed in the USA as a winterisation system for RV vehicles and has been tested to -24 °C with units installed during 1991 still protecting  tanks today!

During 2014, the buzz word will be winterisation.

Currently, all the major manufacturers of Leisure vehicles plan to offer 'winter packs' on their 2014 model range and are scrambling to perform cold chamber tests to gain the Grade 3 European and British standard. Grade 3 only deals with heating and insulation, it does not cover the water system and its ability to deliver free flowing fresh and waste water in freezing conditions. It only assures that the vehicle is well insulated and the heating system can maintain a comfortable habitation temperature.
That’s where the TankBlanket system steps in. When installed correctly, the tank heater ensures that your fresh and waste water system delivers free flowing water in sub zero conditions.
The next blog will deal with grade 3 in more detail, so why not follow us?


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