Thursday 7 November 2013

TankBlanket Excels in Cold Chamber Test : Motorhome & Caravan winterisation

TankBlanket:  Winterisation that Works

TankBlanket: The water tank heater - excels in Cold Chamber Test

Recently, TankBlanket was cold chamber tested and everyone involved was astonished by its performance.

A TankBlanket was fitted to a 70 Litre tank, filled with water, switched on and left overnight at a temperature of  -15 °C.
TankBlanket : The water tank heater
The following morning, to everyone’s amazement liquid water flowed from the tank!

That’s after spending in excess of 10 hours at a temperature of -15 °C with no insulation other than a TankBlanket.
 Now that is....
Winterisation that works!
TankBlanket : The water heater

As you can see from the photo to the left a layer of ice aproximately two millimetres thick formed on the surface of the water.
But, as in the previous photograph it did not prevent water flowing freely from the tank.

This picture gives you a real idea of what -15°C looks like!

TankBlanket : The water tank heater

The thermal image to the right was taken after the water tank had been soaked overnight at -15°C with TankBlanket: the tank heater switched on.
Red = heat source
Blue = cold
Green = warm
You can see the tank shape and the green indicates the unfrozen water in the tank.
That’s TankBlanket….Winterisation that Works!
TankBlanket : The water tank heater

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