Friday 6 December 2013

Quick Start Guide 2 - Combining TankBlanket Electrical Circuits

TankBlanket:  Winterisation that Works

 Quick Start Guide for The TankBlanket System

The Motorhome & Caravan Tank Heater Pad

The TankBlanket Quick Start Guide  aims to present a series of blogs that provide a clear and precise introduction to the installation and use of The TankBlanket System.

Links to more detailed information about the heat pad will be embedded in each Blog.
For simplicity and clarity, we will deal with one element of the system at a time, although, please contact us if you require further assistance or if you need information on a subject that has not been covered.

TankBlanket & PipeBlanket in parallel


QSG2  – Combining TankBlanket Electrical Circuits

Several TankBlankets, PipeBlankets or a combination of TankBlanket and PipeBlanket can be powered from a shared 12 V dc electrical circuit providing a number of conditions are met and a certain amount of caution is taken.

The Conditions are:
  • All TankBlanket & PipeBlanket heat pads must be connected in parallel.

  • All the ‘live’/+ve feeds from TankBlanket and PipeBlanket are connected together with the ‘live’/+ve feed from the 12 V dc power source.

  • All the ‘neutral’/-ve feeds from TankBlanket and PipeBlanket are connected together with the ‘neutral’/-ve feed from the 12 V dc power source.

  • The circuit must be earthed.

  • The circuit must be switched.

  • The circuit must be protected by a 15 A fuse.

  • The total circuit draw must be less than 15 amps.

  • Please refer to the photograph of the circuit below:
A TankBlanket and two PipeBlankets connected in parallel 


The Precautions are:
Fluid must always be present in the tanks and pipes when TankBlanket and PipeBlanket heat pads are switched on.

If no fluid is present when a Pipe or TankBlanket is switched on then damage to both the pipe, tank and/or blanket could occur.

We recommend that you only combine Tank and/or Pipe Blankets together on the same power circuit when you are absolutely sure that fluid will be present in each tank and pipe being protected when the circuit is switched on.
If each Tank or Pipe Blanket has its own circuit and therefore its own switch it gives you the flexibility to switch each circuit on/off depending on whether there is fluid in the tank or pipe. For example, if you have an empty waste tank and a full fresh water tank then as the ambient temperature falls below zero you will be able to keep the waste tank heater pad switched 'off' while the fresh water tank can be protected by having its own heater pad switched 'on'. If they were on the same circuit then you would not be able to do this.
The current rating of each TankBlanket element is:
  1. TankBlanket 121 is 5.0A.
  2. TankBlanket 90 is 4.0A.
  3. PipeBlanket is 2.5A.

So, for example, you can connect in parallel:
  • Three 121 Litre capacity TankBlankets.
  • Three 90 Litre capacity TankBlankets.
  • Six PipeBlankets
  • One TankBlanket 121, one TankBlanket 90 and two PipeBlankets.
For detailed product specifications please follow:

TankBlanket & PipeBlanket after years in service!
Our Recommendation:

We recommend that, unless you are absolutely sure that when switched 'on' fluid will be present in each element of the TankBlanket system being powered off the same circuit, then you should install each TankBlanket element with its own switched circuit.

The electrical circuit is available to download from:

TankBlanket is The Tank Heater for Winterisation that Works!

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