Friday 10 January 2014

TankBlanket: Required? Power Thirsty? Worth it?

TankBlanket:  Winterisation that Works

TankBlanket: Required? Power Thirsty? Worth it?

The Campervan, Motorhome & Caravan Tank Heater Pad
Joining the Motorhome, Campervan & Caravan community represents a significant investment and the TankBlanket Team believes you should be able to enjoy your Leisure Vehicle throughout the winter months without resorting to the practices of a Tent devotee!
Through monitoring discussions on the internet, we have become aware that when there is a risk of frost, a few individuals, will drain their fresh and waste water tanks whilst storing water in a portable container inside the vehicle, or, they are prepared to just risk getting frozen pipes; which is not how TankBlanket envisage a luxurious fifty thousand pound leisure vehicle!
A number of manufacturers fit TankBlanket during conversion as they recognise the need, and the benefit, of offering the market a genuine winterised vehicle.

For the sake of a few hundred pounds, why the Victor Meldrew attitude towards winterisation when you have invested so much money?
If such behaviour is generated from fear that, it’s a waste of money because it won’t work, it’s too much of a drain on the leisure battery or it’s not required as the vehicle is stored over winter, then read on, as we hope this Blog will provide food for thought and stimulate a rethink!
We firmly believe you should be able to, sit back, relax and enjoy the leisure vehicle lifestyle during those fresh and crisp winter mornings!

One fact we have read on the internet that we agree with, is, when the temperature of water falls to zero, it will freeze. The operative word here is water!

So, if you wish to use your leisure vehicle throughout the winter or during the late and/or early season then your vehicle will need to be winterised rather than adopting Victor’s philosophy! 

Please read our detailed Winterisation Tips & Advice Blog:

The TankBlanket system has providence from being used in America for the last twenty years, so we know it works. Read about its performance here:
TankBlanket is available in two sizes to protect a 90 and 121 litre tank. They are rated at 4.0 and 5.0 Ampere respectively. This is governed by Ohms Law; please follow this link for more information:
For a more detailed specification please follow this link:
TankBlanket is thermostatically controlled and when switched on will activate when the temperature of the water in the tank falls to 6.7 °C (the ambient temperature may be lower than this) and switched off when the temperature of the water in the tank reaches 18 °C. This means TankBlanket will cycle on and off thereby keeping energy consumption to a minimum. A future blog will discuss this in more detail so why not follow our Blog series?
Although, our understanding is, that most people use TankBlanket when hooked up, which eliminates the leisure battery issue. In our experience, frequent wild campers generally have a second leisure battery fitted.

For further information on how TankBlanket operates please follow this link:
 A individual In-tank probe or Frostat has the capacity to protect 45 litres of water, which means, two Frostats are required for a single TankBlanket and a Frostat is rated at 2.5 Ampere. So a TankBlanket 90, rated at 4.0 ampere, is less energy hungry than two Frostat. The following link presents a more comprehensive comparison between Frostat and TankBlanket:

TankBlanket is less complicated and therefore quicker to install than Frostat as TankBlanket is just ‘peel & stick’ while Frostat needs a hole to be drilled in the tank. Excluding fitting cost TankBlanket is 89p per litre while Frostat is typically £1.80! For more information please read our Turkey Shoot Blog:
Why store your vehicle over winter? 

Don’t, as it is an extremely poor utilisation of your investment. Winterise and enjoy those crisp, blue sky mornings with the comfort that your water system will continue to work without the fear of Marley’s ghost visiting you rather than Ebenezer!

For further peace of mind why not control the whole TankBlanket system with iController?
Please follow the link below to find out more about iController:

So, in summary:

TankBlanket is a good investment for enjoying those winter excursions; it’s not as power hungry as you may believe and can be used on hook up. Premium Manufacturers recognise the need, and the benefit, of offering the market a  genuinely winterised vehicle and have selected TankBlanket as their preferred solution. If you require, TankBlanket can be fitted by yourself, it is that simple, or through our nationwide network as a Dealer retro-fit.

For information on TankBlanket installation please visit the link below to our Quick Start Guide:
TankBlanket: Winterisation that Works!

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